Please vote for the Judgment of Paris!!

The front page of the Judgment of Paris

Please VOTE in the 2010 Full Figured Fashion Week poll for the best Plus Blog of the Year for the Judgment of Paris!! Voting ends April 29 so please get your vote in now!

The Judgment of Paris is a truly awe-inspiring website that celebrates the myriad aspects of plus-size beauty and the cultures through history that revered plus-size women. The site features high quality photo galleries of top plus-size models (which often contain photos found exclusively at JOP), in-depth interviews with plus-size models, designers, retailers, stylists, publishers, etc., an extensive video collection, an online art gallery, countless thoughtful essays on various cultural issues, and best of all, an active, thriving forum. The Judgment of Paris has been around for about 11 years and is still going strong, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founder, Heinrich Saint-Germain.

So again, check out the Judgment of Paris for yourself and then VOTE.  I'm sure you'll be convinced it deserves the title of the Plus Blog of the Year (if not of the decade!!)
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Sorry for lack of posting!

Don't worry---I'm not abandoning Pretty Plump, I'm just taking a while to collect more picture sets and stuff! Hopefully I'll be able to write an article or two soon as well! I noticed that there are several new members...Welcome! Feel free to post any photos of plus-size women who inspire you, or photos of yourself if you are a plus-size lady! I am so happy to see this community growing, even if it's only a couple of members at a time.

Coming soon: Adele, another "foxy redhead"!

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Elizabeth Sterling

Elizabeth (or "Lizzie") is a web celeb. She's the author of Diary of a Fat Teenager, a kick-ass blog in which Lizzie writes about her personal life and shares her thoughts and insights on various issues, particularly those concerning feminism and Fat Acceptance/HAES (Health At Every Size). She is an awesome blogger...I've been reading her blog on and off for at least a year, and the posts are fun and thought-provoking, always striking a chord with me. She writes about her experience as a "fat teenager" in a such a touchingly honest, accessible and candid way! You have to check it out! Lizzie also keeps a blog chronicling her college experience, entitled Beth Bluestocking.

Some of the most popular posts in Lizzie's blogs are the ones in which she posts photos of herself (she's into photography, modeling and drawing, and has an impressive gallery of artwork in her DeviantART account). And it's not hard to see why...This girl is absolutely gorgeous! She has the sexiest hourglass figure (she is HOT in a bikini). And she has a very versatile look, as you'll see---she can go from a sweet angel to a sultry siren, just like that! So, without further ado, here are some of Lizzie's photos (posted with her permission, of course). Enjoy!  All photos are linked to the originals in Lizzie's DeviantART account, so please click on any photo if you wish to make a comment about it to Lizzie!

"Stop trying to change your bodies to live life, just go live it.
If you want to rock a bikini, don’t wait till you’re thin, rock it now!"


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Jennifer Hudson

The super-talented songstress/actress! She was always a favorite of mine on American Idol, and I think she was great in Dreamgirls. She's wonderfully voluptuous and so pretty---and I LOVE her glamorous style! Enjoy.

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On a side note, you may have noticed that I changed the subtitle of this community, since I haven't been keeping up with daily posting! Hehe, I cheated. I just can't post every day---but it'll still be pretty often.

Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon---one of the greats in plus-size modeling! She is a big-time favorite of mine. However, I'm not going to post too many pics of her because there are 2 Kate Dillon galleries that are so awesome I must urge you to visit them:

The Judgment of Paris Kate Dillon gallery is the best Kate Dillon gallery on the web--it has an excellent selection of pics.

The Totally Kate Dillon Site gallery is also wonderful because it has a lot of her magazine covers and editorials.

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Maggie Yumi Brown

A winner of "Tyra's Thick and Sexy Top Model Contest". And sexy she is! She looks on the thin side sometimes 'cause she's a tall lady but she is definitely plus-size (a size 18). Enjoy! (See, I'm catching up with the posting, just you wait and see!)

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Sorry for the slacking off!

I know---I'm almost 5 days behind in posting for this community! Argh! Don't get mad--I still have some photo sets saved up, but I just haven't had the time to upload and post them. It would, of course, be nice if some of the members of this community would share pics of themselves or favorite plus-size ladies in the meantime (hint, hint). :)

Ok, I've got to follow my own no-text-only-posts rule, so let me tell you that I'm planning to post a set for Jennifer Hudson and show this lovely pic: