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Miss Shyly from deviantART

Here are some gorgeous photos of an absolutely stunning American model called "Miss Shyly" from deviantART. These were my favorites from her gallery, but you should definitely look at the rest of her gallery to see the rest of her great modeling work! Sexy, sultry, smoldering!!  Enjoy.

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Charlotte Church

The lovely Welsh singer-songwriter/actress/talk show host! I know she's on the thin side for this community, more of an "in-betweenie" (I think either a size 12 or 14), but I think she is quite cute and curvy.

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My Favorite Hips and Curves Model

I LOVE the lingerie company Hips and Curves. Their lingerie and other products look wonderful. I have to admit that I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but I will someday (I have my eye on their red corset with leopard trim.)

But the best thing about H&C is their online catalog and its breathtakingly size-celebratory images. The models are gorgeous and way sexy. Here are some photos of my favorite H&C model. I don't know what her name is; I couldn't find it anywhere on the website (if anyone knows, please tell!) She is very cute, and has a lovely figure. Her thighs are so marvelously full! She is great at looking both innocent and seductive.

Sorry that this post is kind of skimpy, but you've just got to see the catalog yourself!  I urge you all to take a look at the Hips and Curves website! You will not believe how many beautiful models they have, including models more full-figured than the one shown here.

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By the way, I noticed that there are 15 new members of this community!  I'm very excited about this!  Welcome to you all; I look forward to your participation in Pretty Plump!  Don't be shy--I'm sure you all have something wonderful to share. 

I plan to keep up the daily posts; some days I may fall behind, but I will make up for it later.  In addition to the daily photo posts, I may add article posts about famous works of art celebrating plus-size beauty and perhaps some about plus-size historical figures.

Thank you for reading!!

Margaret Cho

Another favorite comedian/actress of mine: Margaret Cho! Her stand-up comedy is hilarious! She is also very lovely and sexy. Enjoy!

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Mae West: Part II

Here is the 2nd part of Mae West's photo set. Enjoy!

"Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided."
                                                              -Mae West

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Mae West: Part I

Mae West: the supersexy 30's actress/screenwriter. She's also famous for a large number of funny quotes. She had gorgeous looks---and one hell of a figure! I found so many good pics of her that I'm going to split it into 2 posts. Enjoy!

"I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond."
                                                     -Mae West

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One of my favorite actresses/comedians, Mo'Nique! (I loved her in the TV show The Parkers.) She's smart, funny and incredibly beautiful! Enjoy.  Sorry for slacking off on the posting...I'll catch up now :)

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Chloë Agnew

Chloë Agnew, a young Irish singer from the group Celtic Woman. She has the sweetest, most angelic voice---and the looks to match!

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Jill Scott

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and talented film and TV actress Jill Scott! She's the stunning lead in HBO's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

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Every time I watch the show, I am taken aback by her beauty...

1st Post: Namitha

For the very first post, here are some of my favorite photos of the gorgeous South Indian actress Namitha Kapoor. Enjoy!

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So beautiful, so sexy!


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