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Pretty Plump

A Celebration of Beautiful Women

Pretty Plump: A Celebration of Beautiful Women
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A community for lovers of plus-size beauty
Do you love plus-size models? Are you attracted to plus-size women? Are you a plus-size beauty yourself? Do you believe that plumpness enhances a woman's natural beauty? If so, please join! Members, feel free to post pictures of yourself or loved ones, or your favorite plus-size model, actress, singer, etc.!


-This is an image community, so please include at least one image (photographs, art, etc.) in each post. No text-only posts!

-If you're posting more than one image, please put the rest behind a lj-cut.

-This is not a porn or fetish community. Lingerie or tasteful nudity is fine; just put it behind a cut, please.

-It is okay to advertise communities or products that are relevant to this community.

-Please, no fat- or thin-bashing! No shaming! All women should be proud of their bodies.

In making this plus-size community, I am not trying to say that thin women are not beautiful or not "real women". I personally find plus-size women more aesthetically appealing, generally speaking, but I know that not everyone feels that way. I simply wanted to create a website where people can easily find photos of beautiful plus-size women. There are so many places to find photos of thin women--such images are ubiquitous nowadays.
So Pretty Plump is one of the few havens for lovers of plus-size beauty!